Vision Platinum
Vision Platinum Prepaid Visa card is for Free Transactions Forever so of you use your card a lot and do not want to pay all those transactions fees, this card is for you. If you Spend $1,000 or more a month, Platinum is for you.
Benefits of the Vision Platinum Prepaid Visa Card
a. You will Pay $19.95 once, get free transactions forever
b. Do not have to pay getting cash Free ATMs
c. The best Free customer service
d. No worry’s about monthly fee, No monthly fee2

Vision Preferred is for the Visa Prepaid card for the person who wants The Load ‘n’ Go and do not want direct deposit on their Prepaid Debit Card, so if you don’t want direct deposit, Preferred is for you.
Benefits of Vision Preferred Visa Prepaid Card
a. You have More than 100,000 places to load money
b. You get Free signature transactions
c. And you also get Flexible card pricing

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