The Tribute MasterCard is a bad credit unsecured card. It is frequently used to rebuild a low credit score.

This card is issued by the First Bank of Delaware. They have been sub prime lending for years and are a trusted leader in the industry.

Your card can be used to improve your credit score. It will create a positive payment history on your credit by making your on time monthly payments.

Your payment history is factored heavily when your credit score is calculated. This card will also help your ratio of available credit to debt. This ratio is how much debt do you have compared to the credit you have that is not being used.

Your APR will be 19.5% this is standard among sub prime lenders. You will have to pay an annual fee with this card; however every bad credit card has an annual fee.

Your card does report monthly to all three major bureaus. It will be issued with a $300 credit limit.

This card is unique because they are committed to approving most applicants. If you credit is severely damaged you can still be approved for this card, however instead of a $300 limit your card will have a $70 limit.

This card will report monthly to all three bureaus and works just like the card with a $300 limit. You will be eligible for limit increases. There are no finance charges and no account set up fees for both cards.

You will not have to pay an application fee and there is no minimum income requirement. They offer easy approval and free online account access.

When you apply you will have a 30 second online decision. Also your card will have limit increases with a maximum limit of $2000.

To get the most benefit on your credit report from your card you should try and keep the balance at approximately 25% of you credit limit. This is because it shows the bureaus that you do use your card and you are using it responsibly.

In sum we do suggest the Tribute MasterCard to anyone with a damaged credit history. You can use it to create a positive payment history and improve your ratio of available credit to debt.

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