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Many marketers saw the potential in the utilization of fax machines as a marketing strategy. A fax machines provides one a means to connect and transmit information from an individual to another. This information may come in all forms, even as advertisements, promotions, catalogues and brochures! In the same manner, fax machines allow consumers to send in their orders. And, with the advent of computers, many of these also come and include a fax or a modem which allows customers to transmit faxes from their very own desktop. Because of the promise of fax machines as a marketing strategy, starting a fax marketing service business is a highly recommended idea among aspiring entrepreneurs. Many would ask, “What are the important things one would need to know about starting a fax marketing service business?”

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My1Voice includes a toll-free or local phone number, a virtual receptionist to answer and direct calls, call forwarding, call screening, enhanced voicemail, and much more – all for one low monthly price.

My1Voice Virtual Phone Service is a cost-effective, feature-rich solution designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want the same phone capabilities as big companies at a price that is easily affordable. More »

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