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Open Bank Account in Hong Kong for your business success in worldwide and personal use… Banks in Hong Kong may change policy in bank account opening requirements without prior notice. Although we endeavors to keep information update, availability of our service and charges still subject to :
* Final approval of the bank.
* Overseas branch and office network of the bank.
Our company herewith does not take up responsibility of client’s loss due to unsuccessful opening of bank accounts.

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Who can open bank account?
Abacus CPA offer the service of arranging clients to open bank accounts in banks in Hong Kong. Client can be
– Personal individual of any nationality
– Hong Kong registered company ( limited liability, sole proprietorship or partnership )
– Offshore registered company, such as BVI company.
Which bank to use in Hong Kong?
Factors to consider which bank to use include :
– Whether online banking is available
– Whether online banking can be setup easily
– Reputation of the bank
– Future support of the bank
Recommended banks in Hong Kong
* The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ( HSBC ).

What type of bank accounts?
Standard package of bank accounts include:
* Hong Kong Dollar (HK$) Current Account (cheque book will be available)
* Multi – currency Account (including US$, EURO etc);
Bank accounts can be operated by way of:
* Traditional over the counter when client is in Hong Kong;
* Sending signed instruction form to banks
* Phone banking
* Internet banking.
How about issuing L/C or / and receiving L/C payment?
The bank accounts we mentioned so far is “cash management accounts”. This should be the first type of account you opened with a bank. Then, you can open ” trade account ” for trading purpose – issuing and receiving L/C payment.
What should client prepare for opening bank account ?
What is the service fee ?

Service fee is :
( not including document certify fee, bank charges, courier fee etc. )
– Personal individual – HK$ 1,000
– Hong Kong company – HK$ 1,000
– BVI company – US$ 200
How long it takes to open bank accounts?
If client can sign documents in Hong Kong, it takes 1 to 5 working days to effective the bank account.
If client cannot sign documents in Hong Kong, It takes around 1 month for the whole process.
Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories
( Banks usually refuse client with nationality on this list. This list may change from time to time by the organization and banks without prior notice to us. click here for more info about Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories…)

– Open Bank or Investment Account in overseas :
– Open Merchant Account to receive credit card payment :
– Learn more about Hong Kong Banking :

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In order to prevent identity theft, identity fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, etc, the RBI had directed all banks and financial institutions to put in place a policy framework to know their customers before opening any account which known as ( KYC – Know Your Customer ) .

This means the Banks can open foreign offshore account for non-residents if they verify and assure their clients identities/activities and this is one of the main reasons why we have difficulties to open foreign bank account either in USA or Europe .
All of the banks and financial institutions around the world are responsible to verify their clients activities and identities making sure that they don’t practice any illegal activities before opening any account.
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