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In order to prevent identity theft, identity fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, etc, the RBI had directed all banks and financial institutions to put in place a policy framework to know their customers before opening any account which known as ( KYC – Know Your Customer ) .

This means the Banks can open foreign offshore account for non-residents if they verify and assure their clients identities/activities and this is one of the main reasons why we have difficulties to open foreign bank account either in USA or Europe .
All of the banks and financial institutions around the world are responsible to verify their clients activities and identities making sure that they don’t practice any illegal activities before opening any account.
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Wells Fargo Bank provide IPB (International Personal Banking) for Non-Resident.
It is not easy to open US bank account. It’ll take some time and strict paper work to open an account with Wells-Fargo, also a signature verification process is required to verify your identity/signature with the bank.

Identification Documents Required :
– Copy of Passport
– Copy of National Identity Card/Driver License
– Signature card verification
– You will need to attach the most recent 3 months bank statements and 2 bank reference letters from your local bank.

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With your eStatement you can view a FREE electronic copy of current or previous available credit card and bank account statements anytime within the security of CIBC Online Banking.

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