Many marketers saw the potential in the utilization of fax machines as a marketing strategy. A fax machines provides one a means to connect and transmit information from an individual to another. This information may come in all forms, even as advertisements, promotions, catalogues and brochures! In the same manner, fax machines allow consumers to send in their orders. And, with the advent of computers, many of these also come and include a fax or a modem which allows customers to transmit faxes from their very own desktop. Because of the promise of fax machines as a marketing strategy, starting a fax marketing service business is a highly recommended idea among aspiring entrepreneurs. Many would ask, “What are the important things one would need to know about starting a fax marketing service business?”

– MyFax Services :
With no hidden fees, your customers will be impressed with this award-winning faxing solution! MyFax allows you to send and receive faxes using email, the web or a handheld device.
– The benefits of fax marketing include the following :
* It is user-friendly. It does not require specialist knowledge.
* It is cost-efficient. Fax marketing service business can send a bulk of faxes in as low as 20 cents each!
* It can be personalized. Instead of sending in the conventional printed note, one can make use of his or her own handwritten note to a customer or a client.

– How MyFax work ?
Plus, there is NO setup fee, NO hardware or software to download and each customer receives a FREE toll-free number upon sign up!
These benefits, coupled with the low cost of just $10 per month, make MyFax a successful industry leader!

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