When you are looking for a great way to manage your money and take credit card payments, an offshore merchant account is a great way to do business. Offshore merchant accounts offer you a reliable way to process high-risk accounts.For example, when the credit card is not present or if you have a high risk of chargebacks, this form of credit card processing might be for you. When you need next day funding options mixed with a very competitive rate, GatewayPay is the account for you.

Another benefit of a GatewayPay offshore merchant account is that with this system, you can take eChecks, and many currency forms can be converted. This allows you the ability and the security to process the charges you need to with much lower risk.

Many other processing companies will charge you high rates or not allow you to even take the customer’s card over the telephone. We are happy to provide this service to their customers and friends.

We understand the business environment of the card not being present and the ability to use it for the phone order. Because we use many currency sources, we can provide this service at a lower risk to people who use our service.

We even have a built in system that helps with chargeback prevention. This system notifies the merchant about a charge back that could occur and allows the merchant to become aware before it happens. This can save time and money in the long run.

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