Merchant account is one type of account which allows only credit card orders and payments from the customers. The expansion of internet business guides to the enlargement of merchant accounts. They make possible the customer to entire worldwide market share and to bring in income offshore.

Offshore merchant accounts are extremely indispensable for businesses which require accepting credit card payments worldwide stage. An offshore merchant account can be established through an offshore merchant account provider. If business owner wish to set up an offshore merchant account then they must provide specific proper documents and details relating to proof of identity, source of investment and references from merchants and a clear notarized copy of one of the documents which contain a photograph such as current drivers’ license, social security card, current valid passport or a current valid national ID card as an identity proof. Offshore merchant account fees and charges regularly consist of discount rate, transaction fee, monthly minimum fees, charge back fees, reserve fees, and even equipment and installation fee in some cases.

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