Why customers love AccountNow Prepaid Card Saves you plenty of cash “AccountNow has saved me lots of your time in creating my on-line banking choices with minimal price and cheery client service that’s technology savy….. Those Brick and Morter guys higher look out; AccountNow is turning into the standard” Verdale – Antioch, CA
Achieve money freedom with an AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card or Prepaid MasterCard Card. An AccountNow Prepaid Card account will facilitate to manage your cash safer, easier, and cheaper. find out about the opposite advantages of getting an AccountNow Prepaid Card account.

A great different to a checking account.
AccountNow Prepaid Visa Cards and Prepaid MasterCard Cards work the same as an internet checking account.

Our prepaid card have the word “DEBIT” on the card board and work during a manner kind of like a bank-issued debit card from a conventional checking account. Not solely are you able to create purchases and withdraw money with our prepaid card, however you never have to be compelled to worry regarding overdrafts as a result of you’ll be able to solely pay what’s on your card.

Saves you plenty of cash.
Save many greenbacks a year on check cashing fees by direct deposit of your payroll or advantages check onto the AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card and Prepaid MasterCard Card. there isn’t any charge for doing direct deposit, therefore you will never have to be compelled to pay to money your payroll or advantages check after you use our direct deposit service.

There are never any late fees or overdraft fees. You get unlimited bill paying at no extra charge – no have to be compelled to purchase cash postage or money orders.
Safer than money.

Your AccountNow Visa Prepaid Card or Prepaid MasterCard Card is protected against fraud with the Visa Zero Liability policy** and therefore the MasterCard Zero Liability policy***, conditions and exceptions apply (see cardholder agreement). This protects you from unauthorized charges created to your prepaid card in case your card is lost or stolen.

Keep your cash safe in an exceedingly prepaid card account rather than carrying it around in money. Your deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000.
Everyone is accepted.

100% approval* ensures you’ll qualify for an AccountNow Visa Prepaid Card or Prepaid MasterCard Card as long as you’ve got valid identification.

If you’ve got unhealthy credit history or no credit the least bit you’ll be able to still get an AccountNow Prepaid Card as a result of we do not do a credit talk to a credit bureau. although your banking history isn’t nice otherwise you are on ChexSystems, you’re still eligible to induce one in all our prepaid card or Prepaid Credit Card.

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