Account Now Banking Account Review:
If you are having credit problems and cannot open up a checking account there are a few alternatives you may want to try. An alternative to a checking account that provides direct deposit is the AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard® which works as a virtual banking account. This will enable you to use your credit card as a virtual checking account.

With the AccountNow® MasterCard you can save hundreds on check cashing fees, checks, and money orders. You cannot be denied with the AccountNow®. There are no Credit history checks or ChexSystems verification. There are no hidden security fees. You also get free online bill pay for up to seven transactions a month.
If you are having a problem opening up a bank account with bad credit you should try the AccountNow® Prepaid Debit MasterCard or Visa (Visa seems to be more popular at this time). This will give you the opportunity for a second chance bank account without the hassles of being turned down for a checking or savings account.

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