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HSBC Bank International is the offshore banking provider of the HSBC Group, with its head office based in Jersey. HSBC Bank International has the experience to offer tailored offshore financial solutions to individuals living & working abroad
WHY HSBC ACCOUNT? a great product offering great rates and security in an environment of volatile markets and falling rates

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Merchant account is one type of account which allows only credit card orders and payments from the customers. The expansion of internet business guides to the enlargement of merchant accounts. They make possible the customer to entire worldwide market share and to bring in income offshore.

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Wells Fargo Bank provide IPB (International Personal Banking) for Non-Resident.
It is not easy to open US bank account. It’ll take some time and strict paper work to open an account with Wells-Fargo, also a signature verification process is required to verify your identity/signature with the bank.

Identification Documents Required :
– Copy of Passport
– Copy of National Identity Card/Driver License
– Signature card verification
– You will need to attach the most recent 3 months bank statements and 2 bank reference letters from your local bank.

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