About US

ACCENT® is the provider of your new PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT IN THE USA.
ACCENT is a name many have grown to know and trust. The highest quality service and attention to customer needs and concerns are a hallmark of the Accent programs.
Unlike prepaid programs, ACCENT provides you with access to your own non resident bank account and private online banking as well as other features and services associated with your bank account.

Your new ACCENT provided bank account for non residents has the following features:
A personal bank account with your own unique bank account number;
Bank issued Debit Card to use with your bank account;
Wire Transfer services (inbound and outbound);
Add your account to payment providers (Paypal®, 2checkout®, etc.);
ACH services – inbound and outbound;
Bank deposit and transfer services;
Business Services and consulting.

AccentBanking and the US bank accounts for non residents are available to many countries worldwide. To see if services are provided to your country, please visit the Account and Card Info page.

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